Fast Start to Health™ - A VIP Spa Week in Texas 

Learn While You Live Your New Healthy Lifestyle 

Discover weight loss secrets and the keys to a healthy lifestyle in a painless way while enjoying a luxurious week in Texas. 

For women who want to lose weight and experience a healthy lifestyle during a luxurious, "done for you" week in Texas 

Do you have "love-handles" that you don't want anymore?

Have you tried every weight loss program out there, but realize it's time to get serious?

Do you have a daughter or a friend you would like to partner with in your health journey?

Do you want to eat healthy foods and be more active, but you feel total overwhelm? 

Take a deep breath.  I know you have probably tried every diet and weight-loss plan out there.

Come and immerse yourself in a luxury spa-like atmosphere for 5-full-days while you learn the components of a healthy lifestyle and get off to a running start towards all of your health goals. 

This VIP Spa Week will show you exactly what it takes to lose weight and get healthy, including:

  • With a coach by your side in-person for 5 full days, you will be gently guided through a proven process that is guaranteed to support you in changing your past unhealthy behaviors.
  • Learn the "how" and "why" of a healthy lifestyle.
  • How to get back that trim, energetic you and release those feelings of frustration and overwhelm.
  • Tips and tricks for taking this new lifestyle back to your "real" life at the end of your Spa week. 

This highly supportive coaching and lifestyle package gives you:

  • Five daily sessions (8:00 am - 7:00 pm) in a luxury spa-like atmosphere in Tyler, Texas.
  • A 30-minute call prior to your Spa week to answer any questions.
  • A series of lab tests (a lipid panel) done (through before you arrive.
  • An in-depth health assessment on Day 1 to determine your current state of health.
  • In-person coaching sessions to discuss your lab results and to develop your health and lifestyle plan for the upcoming months.
  • Hands-on healthy meal preparation techniques.
  • All meals included during your 5-day Spa experience. (Transportation & lodging not included.)
  • Worksheets, templates and recipes to reference and support you.
  • Two 30-minute follow-up calls within 30 days after your VIP Spa Week, to make sure you get the accountability and support you need to implement all that we covered during your week.
  • BONUS: A 3-ring binder, non-glare sheet protectors and a package of oversized, insertable dividers so you can keep your menus, recipes and hand-outs in one location.
  • BONUS: A one-hour session with a professional physical trainer to set your exercise goals during your week.
  • BONUS: A one-hour full body massage at the local SPA during your week.
  • BONUS: A professional mani/pedi during your week.
  • BONUS: A professional hair styling during your week.
  • BONUS: A professional make-up application during your week.
  • BONUS: A professional photography session during your week.
  • BONUS: Bring a friend with you for 1/2 price.

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Fast Start to Health
A VIP Spa Week for Women™

This 5-day "done for you" program is for women who want to lose weight and experience a healthy lifestyle during a luxurious week in Texas.

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