Transform your Health 

Six coaching programs designed to help you step into a healthy lifestyle through healthy habits, food preparation and exercise. From a virtual 7-day intensive weight loss program to a 5-day VIP spa experience in Tyler, Texas - Melinda Coker Coaching™ offers many levels of coaching and training for health conscious individuals.  These programs are designed to help anyone from the overweight couch potato with high blood pressure to the trim young mother who wants to keep her family on the path to good health. Go ahead and choose the one for you!


90-Days to a Slimmer, Healthier You!™

The 90-Days to a Slimmer, Healthier You™ Coaching Program is about helping you lose a few pounds in a healthy way.  This three month coaching program is designed for health-conscious men and women who want to lose some weight in a healthy life-affirming manner.  It is also targeted for busy Moms who want to learn how to manage their time so they are able to prepare healthy family meals.

To learn more about "90-Days to a Slimmer, Healthier You!"™ and how you can join, click here. 


Your Healthiest 6-Months Ever!™

This six-month coaching program is to help you lose weight and get healthy. It's for men and women who have neglected their health for awhile and know they need to get back in the health and wellness game.  It's about knowing your numbers and making sure they are in the "exceptional health" zone.

To learn more about "Your Healthiest 6-Months Ever" Program and how you can join, click here.  


Disease-Proof Yourself - A Live and Learn 2-Day Retreat for Professional Men and Women™

This two-day Disease-Proof Yourself Program is for professional men and women who know they need to make some changes in their lifestyle to stay healthy as they age.  

To learn more about the "Disease-Proof Yourself Program," click here. 

Continue the Weekend™
A Weekend Spa for Women

This 2-day program in Tyler, TX is for women who want to get started on their health journey.  Workshops, exercise and meals with a small group of like-minded women will prepare you to go home and continue your new lifestyle.

To learn more about the "Continue the Weekend - A Weekend Spa for Women," click here.  

Fast Start to Health
A VIP Spa Week for Women™

This 5-day "done for you" program is for women who want to lose weight and experience a healthy lifestyle during a luxurious week in Texas.

To learn more about the "Fast Start to Health - A VIP Spa Week for Women," click here.  

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